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1260 MG-KRETE™ NO ODOUR is an inexpensive, two-part component, high early strength structural repair material that is very easy to use in the field.


Can be used for all types of concrete repairs. It is used for patching, from shallow feathering to deep pours. It can be poured into forms, it can be trowelled vertically and overhead, it can fill large cracks or be used as a fast set plug. It can be used as overlay material.


  • Cures very rapidly in above (4.4ºC) temperatures to form a very hard, tenaciously bonded repair.
  • Non-flammable and has high heat resistance.
  • Promptly cures, most applications can be returned to service in 1 hour.
  • Does not shrink on cure.
  • Stronger than concrete within 45 minutes.
  • Self-priming and will bond to virtually any construction material.
  • Simple to use, there are no specific slump requirements, no critical mixing ratios, no sophisticated and expensive surface preparation.
  • Non-toxic, it contains no harmful chemicals, and it cleans-up with water.
  • Cost effective, it has the performance characteristics of the best polymers at a fraction of the cost.
  • Totally waterproof, it is resistant to oils, petrol, salt and UV radiation.
  • Approved by Agriculture Canada for incidental food contact
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