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About MG-Krete

Uses of MG-Krete

MG-Krete instructional video (english)

Multi-storey Carpark Repairs - MG-Krete

Resloping begins on carpark floor

Carpark repairs explained

Resloping continues - troweling

Resloping Con't

Area to be relayed

See how water based toppings fail

See various depths requiring repair

Large Overlays

Pouring and troweling a larger overlay

Finishing A Large Spread

Vertical repair

Mixing MG-Krete

Area to be repaired

Forming The Foundation

Pinning And Forming

Filling Foundation Forms

Fill Complete

Applying The Finish Coat To Foundation

Looks Like A Brand New Foundation

Footpath Repairs - MG-Krete

Resurfacing Footpath Panels - pouring and troweling

Resurfacing Footpath Panels continued

Creating A Smooth finish & control Joint


Finishing Edge Of The Footpath Panel


Mixing, Screeding & Troweling MG Krete

Mixing Part A and B of MG Krete

Mixing Of MG Krete - Adding Retarder

Screeding And Troweling MG Krete

Screeding And Troweling Of MG Krete con't

Troweling Of MG Krete continued

Troweling of MG Krete continued

Mega Bagging

Cold Mix - Product Comparison

Cold Mix - Product Information

How To Fix A Pothole

Industrial Floor Rejuvenation System

4 part system to clean and restore concrete floor

Permanent Asphalt Repair

Permanent Asphalt Repair Demonstration

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