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1260 MG-Krete SLU™ – Self-Levelling Underlayment (SLU) .

MG-Krete SLU is an inexpensive, two component, high early strength self-levelling floor underlayment that is easy to use and provides a smooth hard substrate that will accept finishes 16 hours after installation.


BASIC MG-Krete SLU  creates a hard, fast setting, zero shrink substrate designed to receive interior and exterior wear surfaces. It works well with moisture sensitive coatings and adhesives as well as cement-based thin-sets and epoxies. This product is not designed to be the finished surface and should be covered with a wear material.


  • ZERO Shrink Technology – Will not shrink on cure
  • Cures rapidly to form a hard, tenaciously bonded substrate
  • Fast setting
  • ZERO Shrink Technology facilitates bonding well above industry standards
  • Coatings, adhesives & flooring systems can be installed 16 hours after placement
  • Easy to use – Mix Part A & B, put in place
  • Self-priming, bonds to virtually any prepared construction material such as concrete, plywood, steel, etc.
  • Non-toxic – it contains no harmful chemicals, and it cleans up with water.
  • Cost effective – SLU has better long & short-term performance characteristics than the best cementitious polymer mixes, at a lower cost
  • Totally waterproof, it is resistant to oils, petrol, salt and UV radiation.
  • Approved by FDA for incidental food contact.
  • Stronger than concrete
  • Set times can be adjusted for faster or slower finish times with a Retarder or Accelerator.
Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Part A Safety Data Sheet Part B

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